Inaugurated in 2009 in the village of Sacré-Cœur, Côte Nord, Granulco is located at the Boisaco forestry industrial complex. Since its modest beginnings, Granulco has become an example in fabrication, marketing, and the quality of its products. The company is dedicated to the fabrication of wood pellets and has the mission to produce superior quality products, In accordance with the highest industrial standards in terms of energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gases.

Granulco - granules de bois écologiques
Commitment to the Community

The achievement of Granulco represents a mobilized continuation of commitments with the Sacré-Coeur population, which consists principally since 1983, and has assured its own development and socio economic independence. Granulco supports the vision and the willpower of the people to build their future on alliances and the pooling of resources. In addition, ensure the protection of a natural environment and a point of view of the preservation of forestry resources. The company has undertaken the path of partnership with various participants, such as Essipit First Nation Innus. This approach encourages future generations to the assurance of a stable and productive environment.

Our Values

Like the other companies associated with the Boisaco group, Granulco relies on the human factor and encourages teamwork, respect, cooperation, and occupational health and safety.

Granulco takes advantage of synergy relationship between all companies on the industrial site where the installations are situated. In order to optimize the results, we share the ‘’know-how’’ in addition to certain services, infrastructures and equipment. Granulco’s core values are based on interactions among workers, partners and shareholders.

Granulco - granules de bois écologiques
Our Mission

Granulco has a mission to ensure the viability of the project entrusted to its shareholders, in the context of sustainable development, the respect of the environment, and diversification of the economy on the Haute-Côte Nord.  Respectfully, for their clients, Granulco takes on the responsibility to obtain top-quality products, according to industrial standards in energy efficiency measures and the reduction of greenhouse gases.