granulco - granules de bois
The Advantages

Pellets are an environmentally friendly product made from a valuable by-product of sawing and planning timber sawdust and wood shavings. The use of pellets is environmentally friendly because it does not generate any greenhouse gases and also reduces particle emissions.

It is a highly efficient product, reaching combustion levels, thus generating higher heat-levels.  It is a combustible product producing substantial savings, and giving off more comfortable heat.

Choosing between softwood and hardwood pellets

How to make an informed choice, as a consumer?

More details
granulco - chauffage
For heating, one ton of Granulco pellets (50 bags/40 lbs) are equal to:
  • 545 litres of heating oil
  • 773 litres of propane gas
  • 453 m3 natural gas
  • 4,775 kWh of electricity
  • 1 cord of dry fire wood